ThreeA shows Off Their Transformers DLX Optimus Prime



From the Shanghai Toy Show 2019, ThreeA (3A) showed off the next DLX figure from the Bumblebee movie. I have already got the Bumblebee and it is fantastic. I was able to see the Blitzwing on display at TF-Con in Burbank earlier this year and it left me weak in the knees.

It really did, I wont lie.

The first shots of the Optimus Prime are impressive very impressive . I know some people don’t like it when there robot wont transform but I will sacrifice that every time in order to have a nicer more accurate robot mode. ThreeA does that in spades. These are just the first teaser images so we will get more info later on costs and size. I can’t wait to get this figure and display him in scale with the others from the Bumblebee movie line.

Autobots, roll out!

Manufactured by ThreeA

Scale DLX

Price ? unknown


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