NECA Toys Reveals Packaging and Release Date For New Golden Girls Figures

And the box art comes complete with cheesecake.


These four beauties, each sold separately and coming May, 2019 are 8 inches tall and come wearing cloth clothing. I feel like if the dolls had rooted hair, they would be right up there with Mego dolls.

Screenshot 2019-04-19 06.54.58

All four of the girls are available for purchase– Blanche, Dorothy, Sophia, and Rose.

The faces on these figures, from what NECA’s images show, are really pretty good. Unfortunately, the least favorite face of mine here is Dorothy’s, which sucks because Dorothy is my favorite Golden Girl, followed by Blanche of course.

NECA does not have an MSRP or preorder option for these Golden Girls figures on their website. Keep your eyes open at Target and online retailers where NECA products are sold if you want one of these. While it may be a stretch to some to see these girls sold from a company that mostly specializes in horror action figures and Ninja Turtles, we’ve really seen a pop from the Golden Girls license in the past couple of years.

NECA Toys’ Golden Girls Image Gallery:


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