Toy Maker Pokemon Cie Reveals First Look at Life Sized Mew and MewTwo Plushies

Coming soon from Pokemon Cie are two new life-sized plushies for everyone who needs more big Pokemon in their lives. Both are due out August 15th, 2019.

The first is a Mew, with an MSRP of $50. He stands 41cm (about 16″) and is perfect for life sized snuggles.

pokemon-mewtwo-life-size-plush-goods- (2)

The second plushie is Mewtwo, the genetically enhanced version of Mew. He is smaller, running about 15″, and has a much lower MSRP of $34.

So if you’re at a convention (or just hanging on the couch) in your Pokemon onesie, take your life sized Mewtwo and Mew with you and get the party going! Even if we did just talk some smack about the oversized vibrating Pennywise from Kidrobot. These are an investment; it’s Pokemon!


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