Preorders Open For Breathtaking New Saint Seiya Sagittarius Archer Figure

Hey– want to know why I’m reporting on this stunning new figure from the classic anime Saint Seiya?

Because it’s gold and the face is incredible.


Back in the classic days, I wanted to watch Saint Seiya so badly. Not only because I was a huge fan of Sailor Moon, and Seiya Kou was my favorite character (superficial, I know), but because the animation style and design were just so damn charming. There’s nothing like that late-80s/early 90s big hair and super round eyes aesthetic to just suck you into a story. Add in some phenomental costume designs and you have a show that I was just dying to see. Unfortunately back then, the show wasn’t very accessible, and the only way you could see it was if you had a bootleg/pirating contact and shelled out money for hoards of fan-subbed VHS tapes.

saint-seiya-myth-cloth-ex-sagittarius-seiya-bandai- (2).jpg

This 7″ Seiya will be released August, 2019 and costs $130. You can preorder it here. In addition to this new Seiya figure, there are tons of Saint Seiya figures from Bandai that are already available and for sale online right now. Good on Bandai and the fandom for keeping this classic series alive, be it in OG anime form, early 2000s OVA, or the less than beloved DIC version Knights of the Zodiac.



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