Hasbro Pulse Opens Preorders on ‘Transformers Generations Select Star Convoy’ (And Has No Idea How To Advertise It)

I feel like Hasbro function on a smug, self-righteous model of ‘Here’s the thing. Don’t you want to buy the thing?’ 

I guess us Toy Wizards are going to have to do it for them.

Or at least snark it hard that they haven’t. Here goes– commencing sorcery.

Hasbro Pulse, the premiere collecting corner of Hasbro’s online store, has officially opened preorders on their Takara Tomy Transformers Generations Select Star Convoy. The figure is beautiful, costs $80, and…

That’s literally all we know.


For eff’s sake, have some pride in your product, Hasbro. This is Transformers, arguably one of (if not the) biggest headlining act of your brand, and you can’t have someone over in your marketing/web/social media/person who pretends to care corner put up some stats that even allude to the notion that you guys think this new toy is awesome? It’s an $80 toy from Hasbro proper. Sure, there are collectible Transformers statues that cost $750 from PCS Collectibles and Sideshow. But do you see what they do when they describe the thing?  We have materials used, size, sculpt, artist information, painter information, designer information. It’s basically a (well deserved) self congratulatory fun-time circle of ‘look what I can do’.

Because they do the do really well!

But come on, Hasbro; you can’t do better than this?

The trailer part is transformed into Convoy. By uniting with the container part, it becomes Star Convoy. Appeared as Star Convoy’s first redesign item, full-action deformation gimmick figure!

Hopefully more information (size, scale, etc.) is added as we get closer to the (undisclosed) sale date.


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