Toy Wizards Review: Cutthroat Cuties Sailor Moon Pins by Geek Thirst

Toy Wizards would like to thank Geek Thirst for providing us with a set of pins to review in exchange for spreading the word about their amazing Kickstarter!


These are seriously some of the most stunning enamel pins I’ve ever seen, fan made or licensed. I think back to when I was but just a wee baby Otaku (instead of an OLDtaku like I am now) and the lengths I went to in order to obtain any sort of Sailor Moon product. To this day, I have a massive binder just stuffed with prismatic collectible sticker cards because that’s what was the most approachable Sailor Moon merchandise. Cards and stickers. We had some enamel pins, one of which I will show off for you here, but really, it’s nothing compared to what amazing and talented artists are concocting today.

This sweet little lady is still in my jewelry box today

When I saw the details on these Cutthroat Cuties, I completely lost my mind. The colors are stellar and they look exactly like the wands, transformation pens, and talisman items used in the anime by all the characters. The complimenting roses in corresponding senshi color is such a beautiful touch. Most of them are in gold, while Sailor Pluto’s rod, Sailor Saturn’s Silence Glaive, and Sailor Uranus’ Space Sword are in silver. These pins are heavy, high quality, sturdy, and amazingly clean without weird pokey edges.

The only aspect of these beautiful pins that I’m personally not a fan of is the text on them. I get that they’re trying to use expressions that are a little edgy, but to me, based on my age an sensibilities, it comes across as hokey. The pins have text that say things like ‘Heart breaker’, ‘Good girl gone bad’, ‘Steal yo girl’, and so on.

What I would have done, if I was one of the designers, was use the expressions the girls proclaim in (and this is a deep dive) the song ‘Koi no Senshi ja Irarenai’ from the stage musical. Such as ‘Genius the veil, Sailor Mercury’, ‘Hurricane Shout, Sailor Jupiter’, ‘Rushing Wind, Sailor Uranus’ ‘Real Justice, Sailor Moon’ and so on, so on, nerd nerd nerding hard.

You can take a look at our pictures of these beautiful pins. The entire collection is available for pre-order now, and every awesome denim jacket or backpack will be vastly improved once these gorgeous little treasures are stuck all over them.


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