Bandai Reveals S.H. Figuarts Dragon Ball Z Super Broly (Super Version!)

Tamashii Nations released a teaser photo for the new Dragon Ball Super Broly action figure. As we know the great detail of the SH Figuarts so this is a great addition to the line. From the picture we can see soft goods on the coat and looks to be metal chrome on the necklace. We hope to see more details later on this figure.

Because Dragon Ball Z is one of the world’s most popular franchises (and longest-running for anime fandom in the west) it’s really amazing to see how far the merchandise has come. From weirdo bootleg figures to bowling shirts of ‘sort of Vegeta’ at Hot Topic, we have to say it time and time again– we are really in an amazing place for fandom and collectibles.

Release Date September 2019

Retail costs 7000 Yen

Manufacture SH Figuarts



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