NECA Toys Reveals 7″ Scale Ultimate Jason Action Figure from ‘Freddy Vs. Jason’

Welcome to my world, b….odacious people.

We have an exciting treat in NECA toy news, my horror movie people! Because NECA has revealed via Instagram that their new Ultimate Jason (Voorhees) from 2003 best horror film versus romp in the world, Freddy Vs. Jason is coming in the 3rd quarter of this year.

And like I said, FVJ Jason is best Jason.

(Even though Freddy will always be my horror-husband. But that’s another conversation).

My favorite thing about this upcoming Jason figure is definitely the attachable fire for the machete. That’s how you know he’s really going after our favorite fire-fearing boogie man. I’ve been saying it more recently, but including ‘attack visuals’ like fire, laser beams, ice blasts, etc. is so brilliant and it really makes these poseable action figures come to life in a while new way. I feel like this sort of ‘in action’ is something that we didn’t see in toys as recently as ten years ago (always exceptions, don’t at me), and it’s such a revolutionary pop in the world of action figures, and really, the photography that will come from it.

Hello, just look at the pictures.

And I know that I can’t wait for Freddy.

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NECA Toys’ 7″ Ultimate Jason (Freddy Vs. Jason) Image Gallery:

From NECA Toys’ Official Instagram:

Freddy vs Jason – 7” Scale Action Figure – Ultimate Jason (FvJ)
The revenant Jason from the epic 2003 slasher mash-up Freddy vs Jason joins NECA’s Ultimate line! Resurrected by Freddy to terrorize the residents of Springwood, Jason begins his murderous rampage again. But when he won’t step aside for Freddy, a terrified town is caught in the middle of their battle!
This new Jason figure is even more sizable than other Ultimate Jasons, as appropriate for a horror showdown on the movie’s scale. He comes with 3 removable masks, 2 machetes (regular and bloody), teddy bear, and fire effect that can attach to either machete to recreate the final blistering battle.
Collector-friendly window box packaging with opening flap.

Shipping Date: Q3 2019


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