Marvel Legends X-Men Caliban Wave is Revealed From Hasbro and It’s Full of 90s Magic

Hasbro has released images of its new X-men Caliban wave, or as i like to call it the Jim Lee 90s wave. This wave will include the Classic Gambit Jim Lee style, Forge Jim Lee Style, Jubilee Jim Lee style and Beast Jim Lee style a lot of 90s classic looks here so far. Also in this wave is Weapon X, Blink non 182 version, and Skullbuster.

Most have multiple heads and this gives you a lot of usage on the figures. Skullbuster is an easy army builder on his own. I mean, you can buy two and two different figures right off the bat.

The build a figure Caliban is meh.

From what you get this wave is great on its own. The Barry Windsor Smith Weapon X is the winner for me and hey, that Gambit isn’t half bad.

See all the images below!


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