Star Ace Toys Opens Pre-Orders on Super Gnarly ‘DF-Pennywise’ Figure

This toy actually made me said ‘Haha, gross!’ out loud when I saw it.

Welcome to the Dead Lights, friends! This Pennywise the Clown is going to take you into the light, which is really the dark, which is him going to eat your face off, and…

This new item from Star Ace toys is way different from any Pennywise the Clown figure (based on Bill Skarsgard’s 2017 depiction) that we’ve seen up to this point. While NECA, Funko, and Mezco have all taken turns with the red-balloon toting muder clown, something about this light-up creation from Star Ace stands out a little more.

Maybe it’s the teeth. Who is to say.

Star Ace is straight up calling it the ‘Scary Version’. They know.

This item stands 15CM tall and uses batteries for light-up death effect.


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