San Jose Super Toy Show is the Best Toy Expo on the West Coast

The San Jose Super Toy Show is a quarterly toy show located on the Santa Clara Fairgrounds near San Jose. The event is ran by local shop Time Tunnel Toys.

This event has a couple hundred vendors and is the best hunting grounds for toy collectors on the west coast. What makes this toy show better than the others? LA for example has multiple toy events including the twice weekly Frank and sons show. This leads them to be very competitive and full of like vendors with mostly same stuff booths. This show is not that. It has its roots from the older toy and antique shows in the greater Bay Area. This brings out some vendors that do not go out of the area.

These vendors bring out the best of rare and vintage items. You never know what you might find from a new warehouse finds or some one deciding to clear out their  80s and 90s packed garage and selling everything to go on a cruise.

By the way both of those really happened.

This is one of my favorite shows for buying and it never lets me down. The attendees are just as varied the San Jose area attendees don’t really go out of the area and that means they come out to this event. This makes it very good for the vendors and attendees.

This event is rated a 4 out of 5 Dealer Tables for fun and finds.

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