Toy Wizards Review: NewAge Ark Warrior No.03 Military Strategist Harry


NewAge toys, the little third party company that gave us the cutest little Bumblebee ever made in their N-H1 Flipper have released their second all new original mold. The Legendary Heroes Ark Warrior No. 03 Military Strategist Harry!

Of course every good cop is named Harry, but you might know this legends scaled transformable robot better as Generation One Autobot Prowl.



Everything about this little guy screams Sunbow/Toei animation. Standing at only 7.6 cm Harry is only slightly taller than NewAge’s Flipper. It seems that the company is really setting their own unique scale. This shouldn’t be much of an issue if you plan on being a devoted completest with the future offerings the company has planned. They have shown samples and prototypes of many Autobots on the slate, but if you plan on having this little guy slide right in with your existing legends or legends+ scaled displays you may have an issue with his diminutive stature.



The painted areas on this toy are applied with amazing accuracy and so crisply! It’s really an impressive feat at this size to not have areas of overspray or any blobby paint work. The matte colors evoke the animated look of the G1 cartoon, while areas like the metallic blue for the windows and windshields really pop and make the final product look incredibly high end. Good things come is small packages, right?



His articulation scheme has everything you need. Ball jointed neck, hinged and ball shoulders, hinged and ball elbows, no wrist due to the transformation although you can bend them backwards, waist swivel, ball hips, thigh swivel, double knees, ball jointed ankles. Tons of range of motion in all the major joints. He can leap, kneel, high kick, even the door wings can angle up, down and back.


Prowl here comes with his blaster rifle, and two shoulder mounted missile pods that peg securely into the hood panel behind his head.


Alternate Mode

BIAS ALERT! I love the Nissan Fairlady Z, otherwise known outside of Japan as the Datsun 280Z. Add to the fact that this is a Japanese police version of the vehicle only makes it cooler. The real life vehicle is represented incredibly well here. NewAge even molded the hood mounted rear view mirrors. It’s a beautiful alternate mode that would rival any HotWheels and this one transforms into a robot!


Picked mine up for $28 shipped. I’m sure many would view that as too much for something this small. Right now that’s basically the price of a Hasbro Voyager class Transformer and this is 1/3 the height. What this is however is a quality toy with an amazing finish and a simple, yet intuitive engineered transformation and accessories. While I would agree that Harry is straddling the line for me in terms of where price point and sheer amount of plastic should be, the overall quality of this product doesn’t leave me with any buyer’s remorse whatsoever.


4/5 Wizard’s Stars

The only thing that hurts this wonderful little G1 Prowl for me is the lack of other bots in my own collection that this guy would scale well with. If he were 1cm – 1 1/4cm taller he’d be right in the ballpark that I’d prefer. But guess what? I’ll just have to wait patiently for the other two third party G1 Prowls currently in production by two other companies to see release. Harry is going to live in vehicle mode on my shelf, but will also spend a great deal of time being a desk bot to constantly fiddle with!

Enjoy the full gallery below!


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