Toy Wizards Convention Coverage: Santa Clarita Comic and Toy Expo 2019

Toy Wizards would like to thank the Santa Clarita Comic and Toy Expo for providing press passes in exchange for event coverage.


The Santa Clarita Comic and Toy Show is a twice-annual, one day event that takes place at the College of the Canyons in, where else, Santa Clarita, California. The show is run by married couple Razmik Simonian and Lisa Simonian, owners of Kimzar Kollectibles in Saugus, California.

With 2 out of 4 Wizards in attendance! Hanging out with Toy Wizards site owner, Scott.

I’d attended their September show as press back in 2018 for PopLurker, and was super excited to make my return. Truthfully, this show felt a lot like the first one. And for the most part, this is good. The turnout was strong, with a lot of people walking the floor. Also, there was a really excellent vendor count, and there was a lot of care and consideration into the variety of products carried.

With my favorite artist Jay Sullivan hanging at the show selling prints of his incredible work.

It really felt like there wasn’t tons of overlap in products. It was nice to see classic toy vendors over here, with modern toy vendors there, with some original art producers selling their pieces, mixed in with a booth selling exclusively Barbies! 


Prices of toys ran in the awesome to average range; the same as last year, the Santa Clarita Comic and Toy Expo has a unique list of vendors whose collections you just don’t see everywhere on the Los Angeles convention circuit. I managed to pick up a Golden Girl doll and one of Jay’s art prints (a G.I. Joe print, to be specific).

No photo description available.
Which of course, I promptly framed ’cause it’s pretty.

Some of my other favorite pictures from the show include…you know it…buckets and bins of toys:

So, where does this excellent little local toy show shine, and where do we need some improvement? It really shines in the fact that there’s nothing else like this show in Santa Clarita and its surrounding areas. This is absolutely a show that, based on its size and agenda, benefits from being held two times per year. It’s straight forward, has no programming or big name guests, and while it has a DJ, food trucks, and activities here and there, it really is what it is– a comics and toy show. Everyone who is there is there to buy, socialize, network, and collect. 

Now, the less than stellar parts. The show is held on the College of the Canyon campus. That in and of itself is not a problem by any means. But I can’t imagine that there isn’t a larger multipurpose room hiding somewhere on that campus. Because really, the show has outgrown its space.

Second, its the utilization of space. Like the last show, there’s this vinyl..tarp…placed all over the floor. While I did not see anyone fall, nor do I believe it happened, I can’t look at that stuff on the ground and believe it isn’t a trip hazard. Also, the walkways aren’t wide enough between tables. With convention planning, there are certain rules and regulations put into place by the fire marshal that all public events must adhere to. That’s space between tables, not blocking exits, walkways being a certain width, and so on.

I’m not sure if it’s because the show is on the college campus, or no one cares about that stuff in Santa Clarita, but a little bit of increased space would make the show vastly more comfortable. But overall, I love this show– I’m so glad it’s here (I want to say this was the third or fourth show?) and I plan on attending (and covering) it for as long as I’m welcome to.

Because really– all you have to do is say toys are making an appearance…

And my face and wallet will show up.


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