33 Thoughts I Had While Watching Mazinger Z: Infinity

Toy Wizards would like to thank Viz Media for providing us with a review copy of Mazinger Z: Infinity!


I have the biggest soft spot for 70s, 80s, and 90s anime. I also love Go Nagai and his body of 70slicious work all of its jazzy-cool glory. My first introduction to his work, of course, was Cutey Honey when the mid-90s OAV remake was hot on the shelves.

Honey Flash!

Mazinger Z, among very casual fans and viewers, was part of Mattel Toys’ early Shogun Warriors toy line, where they more or less collected a bunch of cool looking characters from Japanese tokusatsu and kaiji shows and decided they all belonged on a shelf together. Not a bad idea, really. But dedicated fans know that Mazinger was a standalone entity in Japan, and his show looked a little more like this:

Oof, they just don’t make it like this anymore.

But you know what? They keep trying, and that’s wonderful.

Mazinger: Infinity is a new movie, produced by Toei and brought to home video by Viz Media, had a limited US theater release last summer. Fans of the franchise, at least the ones I spoke with, were really happy to see the movie and ultimately thought it was a fun, and exciting experience! Now, I’m not an OG Mazinger expert, but I know the show and its vibe. Therefore, I popped in this movie with open eyes, eager to see some sweet robot action.

It most certainly did not disappoint. But instead of a summary review, I wanted to share my thoughts in chronological form with Toy Wizards readers.


**Warning: May contain spoilers if you can follow what the hell I’m rambling about**


  1. That disembodied head crazy villain man. Wow.
  2. This movie is brought to you by Nissan. Please don’t wreck our cars with your mechs.
  3. Santa Claus robot man. Did you see Santa Claus robot man in the sky?!
  4. Man, all of these robot villains are awesome. Just make a movie about them.
  5. Seriously, I’d put them all on my shelf. Every last one of them.5892e97395da639fd04e754b96d3d26e
  6. LISA is a Rei Ayanami cosplayer, right? Is anyone else seeing this? She’s like the good twin.
  7. Why can’t Sayaka look like the 70s?
  8. Those Mazin girls are hot. Yowza!
  9. That dude’s Lupin jacket kicks ass. You know, the brother. Not Koji.
  10. What’s with the info dump exchange between all the characters when they meet if I’m supposed to be initiated with this world and story?
  11. 70s Anime sure is charming. but this animation is pretty damn good.mazinger-z-infinity-critica-imagen-1.jpg
  12. Ronin Warriors meets Saint Seiya on homeboy’s hair, though. I’m swooning!
  13. The 2D looks different than the 3D. Significantly. I feel like the 3D is a different movie.
  14. Oh, here is our token mid-film-bridge over scene where ramen happens and crazy, kooky restaurant owner dude gives the moral check in. He sure has that war buddy wisdom. One character geeks out for the food, the new kid in town. Go, Lisa, go– inhale that ramen, you innocent robot girl, you.
  15. I still don’t like the 3D.20171112202220c54.jpeg
  16. The villains are great. Purple boy. Floating head. Captain Half Mask, not to be confused with Captain Harlock. That’s a different anime.
  17. Seeing Greato (Great Mazinger is pretty neat). I have tingles.
  18. All the side characters are kooky, fun, and 70s. Somehow, Saint Ronin Koji hero boy has no personality. The acting is a little stiff.
  19. Goragon. Goragon. Goragon.
  20. I want that Mazinger toy Koji pulled out of his pocket.
  21. That was some awkward seduction
  22. Pregnant in jaaaaaail.0d72b672e8b7761455555404bafa1a56.jpg
  23. Sweet outfit, Koji. Seeing red again. 1970s best!
  24. Hover craft Mazin entry. Cool. It’s like Space Mountain. That Mazinger scene was so great! Oh, now Captain Wolverine and Professor White guy are talking. Maaaaaan.
  25. Breast missiles. Yay Mazin girls! I knew I loved you!
  26. Those two robots were like a Go-Bot meets a Mega Man villain.
  27. These pilot suits and costumes are very satisfying.
  28. The “innocent people seeing what’s happening from a TV broadcast” shot. Snore. Tropesville.
  29. That head got captured. Wow. This is some excellent action. I like how the split face character made himself into an Iron Maiden.9c68ff504bd276633ab93ad3db8538b7
  30. Robot fists. Sick.
  31. Wow, the end of the movie really has a Care Bear Stare moment where all the bots lend their strength to Lisa’s Sailor Moon staff. Remember the Sailor Moon Super S movie? Moon Crisis Power.
  32. Huh it’s still going. That’s surprising.
  33. Just kidding, it’s over.

This Wizard gives Mazinger Z: Infinity 4/5 Rocket Punches!


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