Mecha Zone Robot Store Announces February Updates and Merchandise

David White of Mecha Zone released his February updates complete with all the robot toy hotness that he’s been up to. For the uninitiated, Mecha Zone is an amazing  company that creates limited run robots and ship toys (art pieces, really) available for purchase. I actually met David White at Designer Con in Anaheim, CA and he informed me that his pieces always sell out.

Therefore, in order to make sure fans of his work get a piece of the beautiful newness, Toy Wizards is sharing his awesome February updates!

When? Wednesday, February 27th at 7:00 pm east coast time!

I have a great variety of figures on deck for this month’s video game inspired release! The new Cosmo X-4 transforming jet tank will have it’s premiere online release in 3 colorways. The Cosmo X-4 premiered at Designer Con 2018 in the white and blue colorways, but in very limited quantities. Now you can get some of your own along with the addition of a red colorway. This toy is my love letter to the classic SHMUPS games such as R-Type, Thunderforce, Gradius, Blazing Star, and MANY others.

I’m working on a fun promo video for the Cosmo and will premiere it on Wednesday. I’ll send another newsletter about it and hopefully everyone will enjoy it. Or you can follow my YouTube channel so you don’t miss it.

There will also be an all new version of the Slugger in midnight blue. Featuring a new head and weapons! The color of the plastic has great depth with blue and purple tones as well as a little sparkle. This colorway is limited to 10 because they stopped producing the plastic 🙁 and this was all I could make. I’ll release this version in a different colorway if it’s popular.

The Metal Gunner storms back into the store after a huge overhaul. The joints have been completely updated to use the same parts as the Slugger. Details such as the chest and gravity cones have been improved and an all-new head has been modeled. It’s also 1/2 inch taller than the first release. It will include the level 1 enemy mini fig.

And last but not least, a cool new version of the mini Epsilon will roll out! This version has a revised cannon and cockpit area, complete with a super tiny pilot inside. The old friendly frog accessory will be replaced with a 7/8 inch tall resin pilot accessory. The resin pilot is being made by Fernando from

Here’s a rundown of prices and availability…
– $40 Cosmo X-4 -(two week pre-order)
– $45 Midnight Slugger (10 units)
– $35 Metal Gunner V2 (10 units)
– $22 Mini Epsilon with pilot (20 units)

A note about cart-jacking. You know, when you have something in your shopping cart but it’s “sold out” when you actually go to check out. Everyone hates it, but it is possible with the Storenvy system. With that in mind, you may want to order the limited stuff first. The Cosmo will have a two week pre-order so you won’t miss out on that.

Upcoming releases and events.
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NEXT RELEASE… February 27th, 7pm east coast time

Retro game inspired figures

  • *NEW* COSMO X-4 transforming fighter
  • *Updated* Metal Gunner
  • Slugger in new colorway


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