Mom in Australia Gets Super Mad When ‘Big Ol’ Mr. Knish’ Appears on Kid’s Toy Lion

A pre-zoo visit purchase ended up a little more educational than one mother-of-five had hoped.

Tanya Husnu said she was shocked when her four-year-old son ran up to her claiming the toy lion she had bought him at a Melbourne Kmart had a “willy”.

Confused, the 33-year-old mother looked at the toy and, sure enough, under the lion’s tail was an unmistakable depiction of male genitalia.




“We were planning a trip to the zoo, and I thought it would be really great if the kids could take some animal toys with them on the day,” said Mrs Husnu, a 33-year-old professional blogger from Melton said.

“We went into Kmart, and my three youngest picked out their own toys.

‘Then one of the twins turned the lion around, and my daughter yelled out, ‘Look mum, the lion’s got a willy’, and they all started laughing.”

Image result for mr knish gif
He indeed found Captain Winky.

Mrs Husnu said she wanted Kmart to stop selling the toy, which is aimed at children older than three. She said ‘parents should decide when to teach their children about genitalia’.

Though this Wizard can’t help  but ponder the idea that there is a more ideal time than another to teach your kids about genitalia. Is it during that whole part where your kids look…you know…down? Wash themselves? Start potty training? Or that part when they need to learn where five kids come from? There’s really no right answer.

But at least this lion schlong is a funny one.

What do you say, readers? Is the lion’s wang eucational? Harmful? Harmless? Unnecessary? Give us your thoughts in the comments and get the conversation going!



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  1. Didn’t ms. Tanya have any pet in her life? Or maybe there isn’t any encyclopedias at her home. Her actitude is ridiculous. I’ve seen rabbits’ private parts and rabbits having sex all my life and it just made the whole reproduction stuff more natural. Baby rabbits are the cutest thing that could exist 😀

    … I’m suddenly curious about hedgehog reproduction…
    … one youtube video later:
    OMFG! It HURTS!!

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