NECA Toys’ 6-Inch ‘Toony Terrors’ Horror Pack Are Stylized Perfection

During 2019’s New York Toy Fair, NECA Toys revealed a very spectacular four pack that sent me freakout-screaming down the pre-order waiting room.

A set of  6-inch stylized horror movie icons that are perfectly posed, just stylized enough, and contain all the ghoulish beauty of our favorite horror mascots.

Sorry Michael Myers fans– he just didn’t make it this round.

Screenshot 2019-02-20 09.28.49

Calling them ‘Toony Terrors”, this highly detailed four-pack is toy perfection. Landing somewhere between collectibles and legitimate toys, I have to give such ‘mad props’ (we still say that, right?) to the designers. I love Freddy’s lurching pose and expressive face. Look at 2017 Pennywise’s classic cartoon bent knees and open stance. 90s Pennywise is in freeze-frame, and Jason is a lumbering oaf. It’s magnificent.

And I cannot wait for these little lovelies to land on my shelf.


From NECA Toys’ Instagram:

Toony Terrors – 6” Scale Action Figures – Assortment
Bring the fun of Saturday morning cartoons to your horror collection with these adorable little creeps!
Standing approximately 6 inches tall, the action figure assortment includes Freddy (A #NightmareOnElmStreet) Jason (#FridayThe13th), #Pennywise (IT 1990 miniseries), and Pennywise (IT Movie 2018)
Blister card packaging.

Shipping Date: Q3 2019

NECA Toys’ Toony Terrors Image Gallery:


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