Diamond Select Toys Unveils New Toy Merch (That They Don’t Know How To Photograph)

Toy Fair has come to an end, and many, many toy companies revealed their hot new items. From continuing licenses they already had, to touting sexy new deals with brands for which they had no toys, everyone out there showed off their spectacular new creations.

One company in particular, Diamond Select Toys, had been a little bit quiet over the course of New York Toy Fair 2019, and seemingly for no reason. We’d heard recently that Diamond Select was in the process of acquiring Gentle Giant LTD and its assets, so we definitely know that they’re doing well. Therefore, we head over to their website and official Instagram to find out what these cool dudes were up to.

And in terms of accessibility, it was all kind of a mess.

Don’t get me wrong; the new items Diamond Select has coming out are stunning. I’ll take a moment from my tangent to show the items themselves, because they are beautiful.

The highlights included Green Goblin (which I need ASAP), Iceman, and Carnage from the Marvel Premiere Collection. Next, we have an assortment of really cool looking Godzilla toys, and finishing off with an Iron Giant figure, which according to a source on Facebook might actually make sounds. As a robot enthusiast with a deep love for The Iron Giant, this all pleases me.

But between Diamond Select’s sloppy photography (that looks like the booth runner snapped on their iPhone4) weak item descriptions, and erratic website, you’d never know what the specs for any of these amazing items are.

So we’ll be optimistic and enjoy these lovelies for what they are. Hopefully someone over at Diamond Select will take a look at the social media of their peers and competition and realize there’s a better way to present.

Like having that Green Goblin on my shelf.


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