Storm Collectibles Adds Darkstalkers to its Slate of Licenses

Storm Collectibles has revealed that they will be producing figures based on Capcom’s monster fighting series Darkstalkers! This is sure to excite fans of the video game as well as action figure collectors, as the only Darkstalker characters ever produced in action figure form were part of Toybiz’s Marvel vs. Capcom and Video Game Superstarts line, which were great for the time but sadly out of scale with more modern 6-inch figures. SOTA displayed prototypes of a Darkstalkers line at 2006’s San Diego Comic Con, but they sadly never materialized.

Admittedly, still really nice.

Although details were slim, one can assume that Storm’s Darkstalkers line will be 1/12 scale, to fit in with their Street fighter, Mortal Kombat and Tekken lines. Toy-Wizards will update this story when more details become available.


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