NECA Reveals Target Exclusive Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2-Packs, And They Are Glorious

Choose your fighter.

Dust off that vintage sewer playset and Technodrome, because as reported on Toy-Wizards a few weeks back, NECA’s fantastic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures are getting a general release.

Despite making the absolute best TMNT figures on the market, licensing issues have largely relegated NECA to only selling their Ninja Turtles as convention exclusives, must to the chagrin of fans that can’t make it out to large shows like San Diego Comic-Con or New York City Comic-Con, and don’t want to pay after-market prices on the wretched hive of scum and villainy that is E-Bay.

But, as almost every superhero movie trailer can’t help but say… the world is changing.

Hot on the heels of NECA’s movie turtles seeing a wide release as Gamestop exclusives, Target is getting it’s own exclusives in the form of four incredible two-packs, featuring the world’s most fearsome fighting teens in all their 80’s cartoon glory. Each of the four different two-packs features one of the Turtles, a villain, and a variety of accessories. Expected to hit U.S. Target stores late this month or early March, each one of these packs will set you back $50… so to collect them all, you’re spending the same $200 as lucky saps like me that grabbed the SDCC set. (And yet, will still be buying these.)

Leonardo is the leader in blue, who does anything to see his ninjas through, so it seems only fitting we start our first look with him.

Tonight, we dine on turtle soup.

Leo comes with Shredder as his villain, which is only fitting since they are the leaders of their respective clans, and arch-enemies to boot. The packaging features bright cartoon art of the characters on the front, with pictures of the figures and bio on the back, as well as pictures of the other figures in the assortment. Leo includes his two katana, a closed version of the turtle comm, and an extra pair of “open” turtle hands. Shredder includes a sword, mutagen canister, his communicator, and two sets of alternate hands (open and grasping.)

Leonardo (as well as the other turtles) features multiple points of articulation: ball and socket neck, head, ankles, and mid-torso, as well as swivel/hinge shoulders, elbows, hips, swivel biceps, and double hinged knees for all your high-kicking ninja needs.

Shredder features similar articulation, including swivel/hinge shoulders, hips, wrists, swivel bicep, waist, calf, thigh, double hinged knees and elbows, and a single hinged toe.

Next up is Donatello, facing off with the evil Krang. This is also a good pairing as they are the brains of their respective operations. (Krang in appearance as well as function.)

Donatello does machines. Phrasing.

Donatello includes his bo staff, both closed and open versions of the Turtle Comm, and two extra hands. Krang includes his Krang Walker, and his tripod stand. His tentacles can unplug from his body to extend from his walker when he is inside.

Raphael is cool, but rude, so he’s going to butt in front of Michaelangelo at this point and show off what he’s bringing to the table.

What, you thought you WEREN’T going to get a pizza slice accessory?

Raph includes his two sai, alternate sai holding hands, and a slice of pizza. The Foot Soldier includes two sets of foot soldier hands (karate chop and gripping), a blaster rifle, and a blaster pistol. The Foot Soldier features the same articulation as the Shredder figure, including the toe hings for those great “poised on the ball of your feet” action poses.

And finally, we have the life of the party, Michaelangelo.

Mikey comes with a grappling hook, an open turtle comm, Mikey’s nunchucks, a spinning nunchuck attachment, and two “thumbs up” hands, for all those “Who has two thumbs and just got gas from eating at Papa John’s? THIS guy!” poses. The Foot Soldier includes two sets of alternate Foot Soldier Hands (chopping and griping) and an alternate, larger sized blaster with the suction cup at the end.

Those of you who purchased the SDCC set may notice that the accessories are the same, less the pizza box accessory that was included in that exclusive. While that’s a disappointment, I think it’s fair that somethine remain to keep that set as special as possible. Honestly, I’m just glad to see NECA’s turtles getting a wider release so that more fans can pick them up (and so that I can stert building my Foot Clan army!)

Overall, NECA continues it’s excellent run of highly detailed, moderately priced action figures. It’s been hinted that this line could continue, and that we may be seeing more reveals at Tot Fair, so stay tuned to Toy-Wizards throughout the weekend for more toy news coverage!


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