Hasbro’s “Power Rangers Lightning” Line Strikes Hard with First Official Photos

Power Rangers fans had already gotten a sneak peek at what to expect when Hasbro showed off the White Ranger figure at Power Morphicon (the official Power Rangers Convention) last summer, but now we’re treated to official looks at the rest of the first wave of action figures!

You can almost imagine there’s a 6-inch Jason David Frank inside.

Of course, the White Ranger was revealed to whet our appetites, and cause a major buzz as fans speculated what other characters would be revealed to round out the inaugural wave. Well, we need debate no more as the leaks before New York Toy Fair are starting to turn into a flash flood! Mighty Morphin White Ranger leads the wave, and the final product is not looking bad at all compared to the more detailed prototype we saw at Power Morphicon.

“Man, the world of Power Rangers is dog eat d– oooh, sorry, Cruger.”

Anubis “Doggie” Cruger, aka Shadow Ranger from Power Rangers SPD, is next on the list, and the sculpt and details look incredible. The initial pics only show one accessory, but we can certainly hope for an alternate jackal head; hopefully Hasbro still has some reveals like this up their sleeves!

Next up is Power Rangers Dino Charge Red Ranger Tyler. The eclectic choices of the first wave seems to indicate that Hasbro is playing the long game with this line, mixing characters of different eras to keep fans scrabbling to complete their favorite line-ups, and stay invested for the long haul.

Zedd’s dead, baby. Zedd’s dead.

The final figure has been a fan favorite for some time and is sure to have fans chomping at the bit for these to hit retail shelve… the mighty Lord Zedd! The sculpts on all of these look amazing, with Zedd as a particular standout with his sinewy musculature and signature armor. With the new Lightning line, Hasbro has taken the name to heart and included they extra crackling energy effects for each figure. Each case will reportedly be 8 figures, so it would follow that each character will be evenly packed, at least in this release. The first wave of Hasbro’s Power Rangers Lightning line is scheduled to drop May, 2019. With the drought of Power Ranger action figures on retail shelves right now, these are sure to receive a warm welcome.


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