Toy Wizards WonderFest 2019 Image Gallery (With 100% More Robots!)

With WonderFest 2019 nearly a week behind us, we at Toy Wizards wanted to wrap up our coverage by showing off the miscellaneous awesome that was waiting for us over in Japan. We already discussed the Transformers displays by Takara Tomy at WonderFest, as well as showed off all of the Kaiji and Monsters lurking there.

Jumbo robots like Mazinger were hanging out at WonderFest 2019. There was no shortage of Ultraman, as well as many Neon Genesis Evangelion items, front Unit 01, to statues of the girls dressed as nurses and other things that never happened in the show.

There was art, and beautiful silver sculptures; it wasn’t all about toys there.

WonderFest 2019 was an amazing and exciting experience, and it only reflects in the pictures we took.


Toy Wizards Wonderfest 2019 Image Gallery:


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