Godzilla and Kaiju Are Alive (and Thriving) at WonderFest 2019

Godzilla and other Kaiju suit creatures are Japanese staples, and the mania surrounding them is alive and thriving at WonderFest 2019.

In addition to Godzilla himself, WonderFest displayed tons of other well known Kaiju monsters. In fact, speaking of Godzilla, there were a number of iterations present at the convention. Including the illusive Godzilla 84!


One of the display highlights was definitely ‘Fire background Gamera’, which only proves that a little bit of backdrop makes these incredible toys look like they were pulled straight out of an old movie.


The newest member in the Godzilla family, King of the Monsters version for the new film coming out in 2020 was front and center, ready to terrify and/or be admired.


It was so exciting to see all of these awesome, familiar characters shown off in their homeland. Check out the rest of our Kaiju pictures from WonderFest 2019 in the gallery below!


Toy Wizards’ Godzilla and Kaiju at WonderFest 2019 Image Gallery:


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