Toy Wizards Review: Robot Kitchi (Japan’s Restaurant Devoted to Robots)

Robot Kitchi or as I call it, Robot Kitchen is a small bar restaurant located in Ikebukuro Tokyo. It is robot themed in all the best ways. The restaurant has recently had a remodel since my last visit and it looks amazing.


Looking at all the amazing displays and a couple questions later I can confirm that they are sponsored now by Bandai Japan / Robot Spirits. This means one, great displays. And two, possible early views for its patrons of upcoming releases.


The restaurant has many themed dishes but the new menu is not picture packed like the old one and only had text. Sorry, nothing to see here, which is disappointing. One exception of note was that the sake came in a robot fist decanter and you drank it out of the fist as a cup this was amazing and led to new concepts of double fist drinking quickly.


Playing on multiple screens is a constant stream of vintage robot anime clips that you could scan a QR code from you phone request your favorite bits. The food and drink are reasonably priced for such a establishment. The prosciutto was literally cut straight of the leg I saw this.  All small dishes to share and a great atmosphere to dine and entertain in.

Robot Kitchi gets 5/5 robot fists from this reviewing Wizard.

Toy Wizards Robot Kitchi Gallery:


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