Atmos Debuts Transformers Inspired Shoes at Wonderfest 2019

Wonder Festival just passed in Japan and I was fortunate enough to attend this year’s winter show. Among all of the amazing toys and art I saw there (separate articles to come), one thing in particular caught my eye.

Transformers inspired shoes by Atmos.

And they are very, very cool.



The shoes come in three varieties– ‘Elephant’, ‘Viotech’, and ‘Duck Camo’. From what we understand about the shoes and how they were made, there was apparently a contest asking fans which Transformers inspired shoes they would most want to wear. The winning selections were then made into shoes.

What do you think of this shoe line? Would you wear them? What about other anime/pop culture inspired shoes, like Vans Mario line, or Asics G.I. Joe shoes? Which of these are your favorite? Or would you rather just have the robot? Tell Toy Wizards about it in the comments and get the conversation going!


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  1. I’m really only interested in the MP-10 figure and didn’t give much thought if the shoes would accompany it. I hope it won’t because I hear they can get really expensive.

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