IDW Announces Transformers Packaging Prints

IDW announced Transformers: Package Art Portfolio 

From the publisher “The legendary toy packaging artwork from Transformers! The set includes 10 amazing prints specially collected from the original packaging artwork and presented in this all-new collector’s portfolio!”

Listing Price $39.99 for 10 prints look for it at your local comic shop or buy it direct from IDW. The prints are matt finish not glossy and most have the iconic Transformers grid background.

Prints include

1 Optimus Prime

2 Megatron

3 Bumblebee , Huffer, and Windcharger

4 Seekers Starscream, Skywarp, and Thundercraker

5 Jazz

6 Shockwave and Soundwave

7 Grimlock 8 Blitzwing

9 1984 packaging back art

10 the 1990  Action Masters packaging art



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