Super 7 Teases More Metal Inspired Toys With Slayer Style Image

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Today, Super 7 performed a very clever tease. They put up a picture of their name written in the Slayer band font with the promising, delightful words #comingsoon at the bottom of the page.

Well played indeed, Super 7.

We discussed a few days ago that the Iron Maiden ReAction Figure line, Wave 1, from Super 7 was coming to an end. With that, we speculated that new Metal Mascots were on their way.

::crosses fingers::

Hammerfall, Hammerfall, Hammerfall.

But because Slayer doesn’t have a mascot proper, much in the way of Eddie, Hector, Vic Rattlehead, Murray, or Snaggletooth, what can we realistically expect from Super 7? It’s possible that the toy brand will go literal and make action figures in the band members’ likenesses. But what is the fun in that? We want masked skeleton zombie men!

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Thus, with that, I am going to make a little prediction. Super 7 is going to make Slayer action figures inspired by their songs. That means we can hopefully expect an Angel of Death, Captor of Sin, Aggressive Perfector, and Ghosts of War.

And otherwise…we can just wear Super 7 shirts written in the Slayer logo.

Because that font style is just freakin’ rad.



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