Super 7 Hints At New Masters of the Universe Toys (By Saying Literally Nothing)

Today on Instagram, our friends over at Super 7 did something very interesting. They posted three pictures from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe…

And followed it up with nothing.

Fans went wild on Instagram trying to figure out what these pictures mean. Some people questioned if we were looking at Power-Con or San Diego Comic Con exclusives. Which really, isn’t a bad idea. It’s possible. But let’s examine these images a little deeper. Want to know what I’m seeing?

Three color variants.

So, for number one, I’m predicting we’re going to get a Gold He-Man. It’s clearly yet to be determined if it will be an opaque, solid yellow, much in the style of M.U.S.C.L.E toys, This could be metallic gold, more like He-Man cosplaying as C3PO. That would be pretty cool too. As for Man in Arms and Teela, our least favorite Daddy-Daughter pair, I see one thing in common.

And it’s the fact that we’re looking right through them. Thus, I’m predicting a clear, translucent, color-free and clear plastic figurine based on their likeness.

Of course, size, articulation, and ability to move and pose are all something to consider with action figures. Or maybe these will be tiny figurines, like 2-4 inch Tchotchke things. Either way, we’re curious. And with your silence, Super 7…

You’ve caught our attention.


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