ZICA Toys Creates Sectaurs – Warriors of Symbion Action Figures

Sectaurs is making a comeback with an all new line of modern 1/18 scale action figures!

After ten long months of reveals the Sectaurs Kickstarter is finally here!  Thanks to an unbelievable opportunity given to the creatorss of the Kickstarter by the series creators, ZICA Toys is bringing Sectaurs back to the world of action figures.  Instead of sticking with the larger scale of the original vintage line, we’re going with the smaller 1/18 scale (4″) that’s becoming more and more popular with modern action figure collectors.

The first two figures that will be offered in the line are Dargon and General Spidrax, the main hero and villain of the series.  Both come with updated versions of their original accessory pieces from the vintage line, plus four extra sets of interchangeable hands which offer a wider variety of display options.  The figures will be packaged on a 6″ x 9″ blister card with character specific artwork.

Mantor and Zak have now been added to the wave one assortment!

 $50K Troop Builder Stretch Goal Added!

If the funding goal reaches $50K the two troop builder figures will be added to the wave 1 assortment.  The price on these will be $20 each plus shipping, however, a discounted 5-pack option for each figure will also be offered.  The price on these 5-packs will be $90 each plus shipping.

 Additional Stretch Goal Items!

Wanted to share and image of some additional items that will be included with the figures if the $50K stretch goal is met. The alternate Skull Trooper and General Spidrax heads will be packed inside the blister with their specific figure, and the variant Royal Guard heads will only be available on the figures included in the troop builder pack. This pack will include five Royal Guard figures, one with the standard edition blue eyes, and four others with the variant eye colors.

 Stretch Goal Unlocked!

The troop builder figures and 5-packs have officially been unlocked!  Just a reminder that the variant heads in the Royal Guard 5-pack are a Kickstarter exclusive and will only be available to backers.

Risks and challenges

As those of you who supported our New Adventure People Kickstarter already know, there’s always the possibility that things will not go according to plan. Thankfully that project is now back on track after finally getting it into the hands of a competent factory. We’ve shared images of the new samples online and hope to start fulfillment in the third quarter of this year.

The Sectaurs line will be handled by the same factory that did production on the I Am Elemental action figures. If you’re not familiar with that property be sure to check out online reviews and see how happy people were with the quality of the final product.


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