G1 Reissues Warpath & Gears Found at US Retail

We’ve got confirmation that new Walmart exclusive Transformers Generation One mini cars reissues Warpath and Gears have been spotted in the U.S. at Walmart! Reddit user u/Webzphotomania found both in Utah, and reports are coming in of others finding them on the shelves at their local stores. They are each retailing for $7.48 USD.


With Prime and these now officially out, can Soundwave be far behind? Get out there and hunt and let us know what you find!

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  1. I just wanted to let whoever reads this that my local Walmart in Bakersfield has these figures but would not sell them to me because according to the employee I spoke with said something about the figures not being in their system and not even supposed to be in their store. The employee said whoever stocked them was never supposed to do that. So to ever who reads this if you find these figures don’t count on getting them because Walmart will not sell them to you.

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