KFC Reveals Their Masterpiece Powermaster Optimus Prime


Third party Transformers company KFC (Keith’s Fantasy Club) has unveiled it’s latest foray into the world of Masterpiece scaled offerings with this Powermaster Optimus Prime. Based on the animation appearance from the Japanese exclusive 1988 TV series Transformers: Super God Masterforce. The base robot, Ginrai, can combine with its trailer to form Super Ginrai. The series then later introduced another combining trailer component in the robot God Bomber. Together they formed Super God Ginrai.


Right now it looks like each component is going to be sold separately with the first release being Ginrai/Prime most likely 4th quarter of 2019.

**UPDATE – Regarding price point. I am hearing the cab Ginrai robot will retail around $149.99 while the trailer/Powermaster armor closer to $199.99. Save your pennies Masterpiece collectors!


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