Sailor Moon Moonlight Memory Eternal Moon Article Exclusive Jewelry Case is Starting to Ship Out

The final season of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Sailor Stars is one left with very little love in the fandom. Especially these days where the series is nearly twenty six years old, the episodes have been subtitled on Hulu for years, and still many fans refuse to watch it.

The love of the dub runs deep.

Therefore, up until this point, we haven’t seen a lot of officially licensed merchandise for the season, especially overseas and here in the US. Which is why when this beautiful (albeit plastic) Eternal Compact Jewelry Box came to my attention via my friend Aije (aka Sailor Tortilla, a well-known collector in the Sailor Moon community) I knew I had to give it some words.


This is a stunning little jewelry box, and does so much justice to what is my favorite of Sailor Moon’s transformation brooches. That said, it is still going for $68.99, likely plus shipping, which is still a heavy price tag for plastic. This is not a Proplica. This does not make sounds. This does not light up. It’s just a pretty little box for your vanity table that has space for maybe four rings or some earrings.

Previously, Bandair released a miniature version of this Eternal Moon compact brooch. And you know what, I purchased it. It was officially licensed and I want to say I paid about $11 for it.


Don’t let the pictures fool you. It’s a crushing disappointment in person.

Everyone who pre-ordered the new jewelry box (which comes in a box variant from its official Fan Club counterpart) will likely be very happy with the item they receive. While I don’t own any Proplicas, I will definitely purchase any from Sailor Stars should Bandai decide to make them.

Star Yell– I’m looking at you.

Below is Sailor Tortilla’s review of Eternal Brooch Jewelry box, which I wholeheartedly agree with without having one in my hands.


SOURCE: Big Bad Toy Store / Sailor Tortilla’s YouTube Channel


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