Hasbro’s Marvel Legends Celebrates Marvel’s 80th in a BIG Way

2019 officially marks the 80th anniversary of Marvel! To acknowledge 8 decades of iconic stories, Marvel has planned an exciting year-long celebration across publishing, animation, new media, collectibles, games, and more.

Hasbro’s Marvel Legends toy line plans on celebrating in a big way this summer with the release of several 80th themed figure two packs and single releases similar to last year’s MCU 10th Anniversary action figures!

Here’s the tentative line up! We’ll know more come Toy Fair NY, February 16th-18th!


Hulk vs First Appearance Wolverine based on The Incredible Hulk 181 – approx. $59.99


Alex Ross Iron Man and Alex Ross Thor- approx. $24.99 each.

The Grandmaster and Korg from Thor: Ragnarok. $49.99

Luis and Ghost from the 2018 Summer hit Ant-Man and the Wasp? – approx. $49.99.


Colossus vs Juggernaut. $59.99.

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