28 Awesomely Bad Sailor Moon Bootlegs

The bootleg debate– in some toy communities, it’s agreed that counterfeit, knock-off, or unlicensed third party toy items are the best. From Transformers to custom Jumbos and action figures, there are tons of talented artists and toy makers creating one of a kind items based on the franchise they love.

Well you know what? That doesn’t often happen in the world of Sailor Moon.

While there are some stellar custom figurines out there, let’s be real. Sailor Moon bootlegs are a special flavor of catastrophic. So, let’s have a little fun. Today on Toy Wizards, we’re counting down some of the best of the best. Our 28 favorite bootleg Sailor Moon toys that ever existed!


If there was an American magical girl cartoon in the 80s it would have been Moonbeam. Half Sailor Moon and half Moon Dreamers, this would have been my favorite show.
Beauty Girl is another line of Sailor Moon bootleg dolls where the only thing that really gives it away is the artwork on the packaging. With the varying styles and wrong color pallets, the package is a collectible in and of itself!
Sailor Angel dolls may have faces that only a mother could love, but at least Sailor Mars is playing a riveting game of Peekaboo Panties.
Hate it.
Break out your Wizard Stick and cast some spells, because today, we’re…rockin’ a bootleg wand…
You know, this bootleg Chibi Moon Heart Rod really almost nails it.
What is this, a Sailor Spank paddle?
She’s all mouth and no substance.
Fake Sailor Moon Figurarts dolls are all over the place and come in boxes that would definitely trick the casual collector.
One time I was in China Town and I saw these dolls, sun bleached and falling apart. They’re old bootlegs from the 90s and the sales man tried to tell me how rare they are. I raised an eyebrow and offered $7. He accepted it.
Think how much better Sailor Moon would have been if she did ride a motorcycle. Yowza!
Wrong color pallet Sailor Mercury and her leg warmers lives in a box with some of the best bootleg artwork ever. Planet Girls, unite!
I mean, the colors on the box match the doll at least?
Meteor Girl is like someone’s fan fiction AU come to life.
With Sailor Venus adorned on the box, these bootlegs are simply…well…unfair.
This is like Capcom’s answer to Sailor Moon.


Is Pretty Girl saving the world, or going for a Sunday drive in that scarf?
Remember the episode where Sailor Sweetie rides the dragon? Uh huh huh huh…
Lounge singer Mars, from the looks of those gloves.
Surprisingly, this bootleg Sailor Moon doll kind of hits all the right nails. I give it a pass!
The Galaxy Girls look like the Mean Girls bully version of the Sailor Team.
Your color pallet is a little…you know what, it’s fine.
Sailor Mary bootlegs would almost look passable, but the name is a dead, beaten corpse giveaway.
With artwork and characters from three different seasons, this bootleg Beauty Fighters set almost hit the mark!
Oh come on now! This is getting ridiculous! Rumor has it this statue is from an Australian Zoo display.
Won’t you come play with us? This clock is so bootleg I’m surprised the numbers are in the right order.
::drops mic:: I’m out.


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