Masters of the Universe ‘Princess of Power’ Classic Action Figure Line Spotted at Game Stop

A video from ‘Reviews by Hunter Knight‘ on Facebook informs us that the Masters of the Universe ‘Princess of Power’ action figure line have slipped their way into Game Stop stores for the beautiful price of only $14.99.

The video, while not very long, does show a good selection of Princess of Power action figures. Personally, I think this new line from Mattel is beautiful and the details are excellent. Game Stop’s website does show these figures in existence for the same price they are in stores, $14.99, it also states that these Princess of Power figures are not available to buy online.

Which means…

Hunting fodder!

And if this seems like too much to spend, just remember– He-Man costs over $60 on Game Stop’s website. Find these before the price goes up.

I know I will.


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