12 Best Power Rangers Toys (From My Own Collection)

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With the news that Power Morphicon Express in Pasadena, Texas officially launched ticket sales, it got my mind back into Power Rangers mode. As some of you out there may know, I’m a toy collector with a particular interest in Megazords from the Power Rangers/Super Sentai series.

Looking at my toy collection with love and fondness, I began to recall some of the amazing stories behind the acquirement of some of these pieces. Now, while I don’t claim to have the biggest or mightiest collection out there, I’m pretty damn proud of it and look forward to getting more robots in the future.

I’m not interested in making an all-encompassing “Top However Many Power Rangers Toys Ever” for two reasons. One, it would be biased because I don’t really like the plastic prop toys or figurines. And two, that’s just a bold-ass statement. Who the hell am I to decide your best? Let’s have multiple best of Power Rangers toys lists! Eff it, let’s have forty, it’s a party!

After all, I already wrote a list counting down the best Megazords, didn’t I?

So, with that in mind, that’s why today I’m counting down the Top 12 Power Rangers Toys (from my own personal collection).

I’m going to tell you in advance that these items pictured is from like…a third of my collection, maybe?

Yes there’s more.

Pretty cool, right?


12) The Lost Galaxy Figure Set


I love these figurines. I love that they’re a complete set. The Charlie Brown stripes on the costumes never stop amusing me. Other than the Funko hero sets and a few select Chibi-sets from Toys R Us, my figurine collection is on the semi-lower side. But these Lost Galaxy dudes hold a special place in my heart and make me smile when I see them.


11) Goldars and Lord Zedd


Goldar and Lord Zedd hold a special place for me in terms of Power Rangers awesomeness. I love that Lord Zedd is a wholly American creation (and just an awesome, crabby Jewish dude) and that show runners were able to continue to develop Goldar past the realms of the Rita saga. The design sensibilities really speak to me, and I adore all of the Golar/Zedd toys in my collection.


10) Vintage Dragon Dagger Flute and White Tiger Saba Saber 


These two are more or less my only props. They don’t make sounds anymore, and Saba only talks to me when his flask is running low. But these are 90s originals and they’re absolutely gorgeous. I have many a photo of my younger self running around with these like a doof. And by younger self, I mean like, twenty-three.


9) Green/White/Best Ranger


I have some various Red Rangers in these lines as well, but sometimes, you have to stick to the classics. I, like many other people, think the original Green/White Ranger is just awesome. But I think it’s more because of their stand-alone sentient Megazords and less because of JDF and his 90s headband. To each their own!


8) Thunder Megazord


Let me tell you– this Thunder Megazord was one of my grail items. I wanted it so freakin’ badly and just couldn’t afford the vintage double-box version. But then, like magic, my friends at the Geek Say What? Podcast Network gifted me with this beauty at 2018’s Power Morphicon Convention. It was such a touching gesture and they knew how much I wanted it that I was humbled and so very touched emotionally.


7) Zeo Megazord


I love these two so much. The one on the left is from a Japanese line, and the one on the right is one of those sexy, sexy Legacy releases from about 2010-2011. A whole mess of classic Megazords (maybe ten?) beautifully appeared at Toys R Us and you bet your sweet tuchas this face bought them all. I want to say I have 2-3 of the chunky Japanese ones and they’re just so much fun.


6) Wildforce Megazord


I have a secret fondness for the Wild Force Megazord. The whole season was just great storytelling and how can I resist that amazing crown on its head. Plus, guys, it has a shark arm. SHARK ARM. I was lucky enough to acquire two of these, and if I ever come across the full-sized Megazord, it’ll be next in my collection.


5) White Tiger Megazords


These are incredible. I wish I had the Bandai PLA kit for the White Tiger Zord, but I haven’t come across it yet in person. But the Funko hero toy on the bottom right is great. The small one on the left is from a Japanese budget line that according to what I heard, were sold in convenience stores for kids who couldn’t afford the more expensive versions. The big sucker is vintage, an original 90s release.


4) Dragonzords


There are so many new, gorgeous, die-cast model versions of the Dragonzord that I have yet been able to afford. But believe me– they shall me mine. The big version is vintage from the 90s, the small one on the right is a Funko Hero, and the one on the left is a Bandai model kit. It was super fun to put together and right in my skill-set. Who doesn’t love looking at this Mecha-Godzilla monster of perfection?


3) Lost Galaxy Megazord


I actually have a third one of these that I keep on my desk because it’s like, 2.5 inches tall. But I love the Lost Galaxy Megazord. It has these chunky sensibilities of a Voltron, with this gray/blue color pallet of NES’ Excite Bike. It just really appeals to me and I feel like it’s a model that underappreciated. Plus, I have the full sized vintage Megazord. I’m so very happy.


2) Mighty Morphin Megazord


I have another one of these at my desk not pictured, a 3″ desk unit. But there is literally zero way to go wrong with the classic MMPR Megazord. It’s beautiful and perfect, and totally made my number one on the Megazord countdown. The big one in the back is a 2010-2011 re-release from Bandai. I never got the original 90s version. The small one on the right is a Funko Hero. In the middle is a 2011-2012 Japanese figure that my husband surprised me with, which come on. How awesome is that? And I don’t remember where the smaller one on the left came from. But he’s mine and I love him.


1) Astro Megazord from ‘In Space’


Look. At. This. Thing. It’s perfect. It’s the Transformers of the Power Rangers world.

The Astro Megazord was my biggest grail item. I had never seen one in person until this year’s Power Morphicon. The seller had three of them, all original vintage releases. Unfortunately, the price tag was too high and they just weren’t willing to budge. Therefore, I was sad.

But real friends won’t let their collector friends feel glum! This story had a happy ending. By the end of the convention, a good friend acquired this grail item for me, another amazing gift from a generous friend. We all have to take care of each other, right?!


Bonus Round: Henhsin Vault Coins

While this beauty doesn’t make the list-proper because it’s a fan produced prop item, this double-sided art masterpiece is one of the most gorgeous pieces in my collection. Created by Henshin Vault, you can buy your own here.


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