Super 7 Shows Off Shogun Muscle Men, MOTU, and More

Super 7 keeps pumping out the awesome, and their Instagram today is no exception!

We recently discussed the new Wave 4 Club Grayskull Masters of the Universe set of action figures that Super 7 finally revealed. We talked about the Shogun Warriors set of action figures that truthfully made us lose our minds (full review on those coming soon to Toy Wizards). But now, Super 7 continues to delight us with a new piece of amazing toy news.

Shogun Warriors Muscle Men are on their way.

The awesome doesn’t stop there. Along with the MOTU line which is available for preorder, Super 7 revealed bonus accessories that are coming with the toys.

And last but not least, while those tasty, tasty Shogun action figures were already previewed, Super 7 took those puppies out of their package and gave us a whole new set of money shots. I’m not kidding– those babies are beautiful. 

Which of these amazing new items from Super 7 will you add to your collection? Which ones do you think Toy Wizards should review first? Tell us about it in the comments and get the conversation going!

Toy Wizards Super 7 Gallery:


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