MAAS Toys Creates ‘Flat Stack’ Statue for Renegade Project Backers

In a monthly update from MAAS Toy’s website, company owner Spencer Wilson announces a fun and unique toy item for backers of the company’s previous CyberTech Renegade Project.

Introducing the Flat Stack.


The Flat Stack is MAAS Toy’s effort to thank their backers with a statue that imagines Stack in the worst possible scenario; flattened by the foot of his enemy. While cute and tongue in cheek, Wilson reminds fans of their toys that this item is coming out not only because it is quick to make compared to some of their other products, but because they are a small company with fewer than five employees. Their work is a labor of love and passion, and their financial intake is small, even with support from toy fans and backers.

From MAAS Toy’s website:

We wanted to do something quick and simple and a little fun in an effort to thank our retailers who did support us and did fulfill their pledges and also in full honesty, it will help us get a little bit of operating capital back into our budget and will help us continue to work on our other projects and create new and interesting things.

After CNY we have decided to release a limited edition 500 piece stature which we call Flat Stack. Unfortunately the Cybertech Stack has also been needed to move production and it was a little further along than the Renegade was and so it has also been delayed currently. So we have decided to release Flat Stack at this time in an effort to not only help out our retailers who supported us but also to fill that small gap in your collections that need Stack in it.

This 500 piece figure will only be available to those retailers who supported the Renegade project and fulfilled their obligations and will also be available through us directly. Preorders for this piece should open in late January and retail should be at the $25 mark depending on the retailers involved.  We will have a list of all available retailers who are carrying this item and of course will have a link to our own product page as well once everything is set up. Watch for a future update with all the required information.

Wilson also reminds fans of their toys that grievances regarding MAAS’ products in Facebook groups and forums do not always reach their ears. For any questions or concerns regarding MAAS Toys and their products’ status, direct questions can be sent to

This Flat Stack figure is hilarious and adorable; we hope MAAS Toys fans and backers alike appreciate it as well.


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