MAAS Toys Creates Robotech Veritech Hovertanks and Red Commander Bioroids

MAAS Toys announced that they’re making both the Veritech Hovertank (apparently all 3 modes: Transport, Gladiator/Tank and Battloid) as well as the Red Bioroid Commander with Biover just in time for the 35th Anniversary of SDC: Southern Cross. No word yet on if they’re doing all the variants of the Spartas and/or add-ons (Space Jump Pack/Space Maneuver Thruster Set).

Ideally, they will do all five versions of the Bioroid.

Few details about these upcoming items exist, so it is still unsure whether or not MAAS managed to obtain the official Robotech/Macross license to create these new toys. MAAS is well known as a Third-Party Transformers toy maker, so this leap into Robotech is a brand new venture (and franchise) for them.


As you can see, the images are available on social media, but few other details exist. We will follow the news on these neat looking Robotech creations and report back as more news comes to the surface.

MAAS Toys Robotech Gallery:



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