Soulja Boy Versus Nintendo Continues as the Rapper Pushes Bootleg Console

Rapper Soulja Boy is selling a console that’s basically an overpriced emulator. He has launched what he calls the SouljaGame line, including both an unbranded bootleg console and a handheld.

Soulja Boy’s personal storefront, SouljaWatch, now has both versions of the SouljaGame hardware on sale, and their listings tip their hat at how cheap these are. The handheld is said to play “Switch/3DS/Vita/NEOGEO/GBC/Gameboy/GBA” games, with 3,000 built-in. There’s no list available, however; heck, there’s very little information about the device at all.


The same is true for the console, which our ol’ Boy claims has access to “SOULJAGAME/PS/NEOGEO/PC/SEGA/GBA/NES.” That’s not so impressive or enticing for a box that otherwise resembles a backwater Xbox One. It also boasts a smaller library of just 800 built-in games, although it comes with a controller based on the DualShock design.

Both models are developed by Anbernic, according to the SouljaWatch site. Anbernic sells its products almost exclusively through AliExpress, a Chinese online retailer that sells internationally. In fact, both versions of the SouljaGame are available to purchase on AliExpress right now, albeit under different names. The console appears to actually be Anbernic’s “retro mini video game console,” while the handheld is identical to the “2018 portable video handheld game console.”

Nintendo has since gone after Soulja Boy with threats of copyright infringement, something that the 28 year old doesn’t seem to take too seriously.  In a Twitter battle for the ages, he laughs off Nintendo’s copyright threats, then quickly deletes the Tweet.

Shortly after, the wild Twitter response come. In hilarious meme form!

Two days ago, word got out that Nintendo was considering legal action over Soulja Boy’s product unveiling of a regular console and a handheld device. While the report is being held up for legal reasons and is thus “unsubstantiated,” even though it did incur a swift response from Soulja Boy, which he later deleted, I’m sure with good reason. Soulja allegedly tweeted, “Nintendo ain’t gon do SHIT,” after making inferences to that effect on Twitter for the past two days.

Soulja Boy – You don’t know who you’re messing with. But long time fans of Nintendo with an understanding of their lawsuit-happy practices know one thing.

This Nintendo saga is only heating up.


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