Animated Transformers Movie Set In Cybertron Is Apparently a Go

Lorenzo diBonaventura teases an Optimus Prime solo film and an animated movie that will tell the whole Cybertron mythology.


Speaking to Metro newspaper, Transformers Live Action Movie Series producer Loranzo di Bonaventura admits that an animated movie set in Cybertron is currently in the works.

“We actually have an animated movie in the works that will tell the whole Cybertron mythology. The fans will love that.” di Bonaventura teases.

Speaking about the possible Optimus Prime solo movie, the producer is not so enthusiastic.

“We’re trying to figure out an Optimus Prime solo movie. It will be hard with Optimus, he is always right, very stoic and is a man of few words … It is kind of like saying, ‘Lets do a movie about Obi-Wan Kenobi?’ But how much is there to say about Obi-Wan? It is not so easy.”

And while Star Wars fans might disagree with this sentiment, its worth pointing out that a few months ago, Disney officially scrapped the Boba Fett and possible Obi-Wan films. While it’s unclear whether it’s because of Solo flopping or because of the upcoming Boba Fett Mandalorian series, it remains clear that not every beloved character will thrive in their own movie adventure.

All though, come on– 120 minutes of Peter Cullen talking sounds pretty righteous.

An animated movie set in Bayverse is rumored for a long time. It was even rumored to be under development by Hasbro’s in-house animation studio Boulder Media Limited. However, plans may have been changed since then, for Boulder is hiring many artists who are specialized in drawing animals, especially ponies, for a CGI Feature Film; the first ever for the company.

Andrew Barrer & Gabriel Ferrari submitted the screenplay for the new movie during their stay at the [now disbanded] Transformers Cinematic Universe Writers’ Room.

It is likely that this Transformers Animated Movie is kept under wraps at Paramount Animations; a sub-division of Paramount Pictures.



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