Scott Zillner


“There is no limit in sight, as there is no limit of cool things to collect.”

Scott Zillner is a world-renowned toy collector and the owner and founder of Toy Wizards. He grew up in the 1980s, the undisputed greatest decade ever. He truly believes in collecting, and his once hobby is now his lifestyle. A new world Renaissance man, he is a professional Artist, Toy Expert, and Convention promoter. He collects massive amounts of toys, games, and art. He also runs several pop culture conventions.

As a Professional Artist, he worked on Disney’s 2010 Tron Legacy film, painting the light bikes and toys in young Flynn’s room. The same year, his Tron Stich collectible vinyl sculpture from Disney was released. He has worked as a Toy Prototype Painter for just about every major toy company in the business for over a decade now.

As an Uber collector, Scott doesn’t keep to just one collection. He has massive collections of everything under the sun, though he is well known as a Japanese robot collector. He makes a voyage to Japan every year to hunt for more treasure. Scott also has a large collection of retro Video Games and Arcade machines. From an early age, he was an avid Comic Book collector and still hits the local comic shops every week for new books.

If he had to narrow it down, his top collections are:

  • Jumbo Machinders
  • G.I.Joe
  • Super Powers Collection
  • Micronauts

He has also appeared on the following industry TV shows:

  • G4 Anime Expo coverage 2011
  • Collection Intervention 2012
  • Toy hunter 2012
  • Mark Hamill’s Pop Culture Quest 2016
  • The Toys That Made Us Season Three 2019


You can find Scott hanging out on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.