Bettie Bones Vinyl Toy by Tragic Girls Kickstarter


Meet Bettie Bones, the debut vinyl toy from Tragic Girls, and produced by indie toy maker Rocom Toys. This 12″ lady has got a bone to pick and it ain’t gonna be pretty!

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Katie Mansfield, Artist and Creator of Bettie Bones at her Studio in Salt Lake City, UT

Katie Mansfield is the sole artist and creator behind Tragic Girls. The art brand started in 2017 out of her bedroom in Salt Lake City, in hopes of taking her love for retro comic book art and making it into something we can all relate to. Check out some of her amazing work here.

Rocom of Rocom Toys at Monsterpalooza (Photo by Xpanded Universe)

Rocom Toys has been producing independent toys since their first Kickstarter in 2018, just one year after Katie started her brand. Now, 5 years later, they are teaming up to create the best new designer vinyl toy for horror and comics fans alike, Bettie Bones! This marks the 5th project being crowdfunded by Rocom Toys and we are hoping for it to be another successful one. You can view their current line of toys at

Bettie Bones was sculpted by toy industry professional, Isabel Anderson. Isabel has sculpted hundreds of action figures and designs her own line of dolls. It was easy to put our full trust in her to make Katie’s Bettie Bones turnaround sketches into a 3D reality. You can see more of her incredible work here.

Original Bettie Bones Turnaround Sketches by Katie Mansfield
Bettie Bones Vinyl Toy 3D Rendering

Vinyl Toy Details

  • 12″ Tall
  • Designer Soft Vinyl
  • 3 Points of Articulation

Making vinyl toys is not cheap. Its very rare for an artist to get the chance to make one, which is why we are looking to Kickstarter to raise the funds needed to make Bettie Bones a reality. Even if this toy isn’t for you, just sharing this page with a friend helps us greatly. There are a variety of rewards available that can help get this project funded.

Kickstarter Exclusive Unpainted Blank Bettie Bones Vinyl Toy (Available as an Add-on for $75)

In addition to these rewards we also have a blank unpainted version of the toy in black vinyl available as an add-on. This version of the toy is a Kickstarter Exclusive. Add one to your rewards for a very limited edition item.

Artist Edition Trading Card by Tragic Girls
Artist Edition Trading Card by Heather Mahler
Artist Edition Trading Card by Classy Creeps
Artist Edition Trading Card by Dreyfus Art
Artist Edition Trading Card by Sveta Shubina
Artist Edition Trading Card by Sick Girls

If we are lucky enough to fully fund this project, we have a handful of exciting stretch goals to unlock. These stretch goals will be designed to upgrade your rewards to be better and cooler than we had ever imagined. Please back the project and share the campaign if you can!

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