Mario movie ‘Peaches’ has earned an estimated $74,000 in royalties on Spotify since release 


The song’s music video, released two days after the movie, has over 15,000,000 views on YouTube and is currently charting at number five on the ‘Trending for Music’ page. The official animated music video for the song on Illumination’s YouTube channel also has over 11,000,000 views.

Mario movie Peaches’ has earned an estimated $74,000 in royalties on Spotify since release 

Peaches from the Super Mario Bros. Movie has made an estimated $74,765.84 in royalties from streams on Spotify.  

Online gaming site Unscrambled Words tracked the songs Spotify data to determine how much the song has generated since the movie’s release.

  • Peaches receives nearly 15 million streams on Spotify  
  • Jack Black earns his first entry on the Billboard Hot 100 
  • Mario Brothers Rap is the second most popular song from the movie’s soundtrack 

Streaming services pay artists on a ‘pay per stream’ basis. This means an artist will receive $0.005 per stream of their song.  

The song has amassed over 14,953,168 streams worldwide, which means it has made an estimated $74,765.84 in royalties from Spotify alone.

As a result of the streams and success of the song, it debuted at number 83 on the Billboard Hot 100, earning Jack Black, who voiced the character Bowser, his first solo entry on the Billboard charts.

Peaches is the most popular song on the movie’s soundtrack, followed by Mario Brothers Rap, which has over 1,073,849 streams on Spotify alone. Mario Brothers Rap so far has earned an estimated $5,369.25 in royalties.

Unscrambled Words commented on this data: “Songs from movie soundtracks become so popular that they ultimately hit the charts and battle for the top spot with other popular songs. This was evident with Encanto’s We Don’t Talk About Bruno, which reached the top spot of the Hot 100, dethroning singer Adele from number one and blocking rapper Nicki Minaj from reaching the top.”

“We anticipate that ‘Peaches’ will continue to grow in streams and earn more royalties not only because of its catchiness but due to the vast number of Super Mario fans worldwide that will stream the soundtrack.”    

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