A New Onell Gylos Manglord is available


A new Manglord is available right now at https://onell.store/ along with a new Kaisyriax and a fantastic EMD (classic Onell colorway) assortment!

Kaisyriax Pteragorr

Regular price$24.00

Manglord Pteragorr

Regular price$26.00

Gendrone Validator EMD

Regular price$16.00

Gendrone Mineon EMD

Regular price$14.00

Pheyden EMD Commander Narreyon

Regular price$14.00

Traveler Rynevo EMD Analyst

Regular price$10.00

Deep Space Glyan Agent Patcher

Regular price$18.00

Limmbiod EMD

Regular price$11.00

Sincroborg EMD

Regular price$16.00

Glyan EMD Operative

Regular price$14.00

Armorvor EMD

Regular price$16.00

Pheyden Pteragorr

Regular price$8.00

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