Back to Window Boxes For Hasbro


An update but the team at Hasbro confirms the return to window boxes on their 6 inch figure lines. Marvel Legends , G.I.joe classified, Power Rangers and the such. This has been a note of contention in the fandom for some time now. Not to mentions issues a lot of fans have had with quality on some figures and the most evil of swap outs. The new window boxes will be eco friendly for all our worries on that part. No not really we just want to see our toys man!

Hasbro Statement

We wanted to share an update on packaging for Hasbro’s 6-inch-scale figures. Based on your feedback, we will be re-introducing windows and blisters to our 6-inch fan figures beginning later this year, into 2024 for select products across our portfolio of brands, including, G.I. Joe Classified, Power Rangers Lightning Collection, Star Wars Black Series and Marvel Legends. This will eventually expand to all new 6-inch figure releases.

The new windows and blisters will be made from bio PET or recycled PET helping us achieve our priority of meeting our fans’ expectations for extraordinary packaging and superior design while still developing packaging that minimizes waste and the use of virgin plastic. 

Thank you again for being one of our biggest fans and for your continued support of Hasbro.

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