Scream Break At Six Flags Magic Mountain


Joey here with another Theme Park to do. 

Six Flags started the scary season off early this year with the event “Scream Break” . It’s a twist on Spring break with 3 scare zones, 2 mazes, and coasters in the dark.  

Going with the theme of Spring Break the scare zones were Demon Row, where you could pledge to hellish fraternities and sororities, hang out in the Demon Row with the demonic members of the row, and experience the haunted mazes Vault 666- Initiation, and Condamed House Party.  

Next, we had Bloodborne Hallow, where the creatures of the night stalked you. There were vampires and ghoulies stalking in every corner. The spring break twist was there is a stage where a vampire was dancing to house music and a field that is illuminated by orbs of multicolor lights. As you walk through the area you are asked “Are you ready to party to the Grave?”  

After walking through an area that has disco balls shining everywhere, you reach the Grave Rave. A rave right outside of the DC Universe area where you are partying down with demons and Clowns. The DJ was playing killer tunes all night long. Look out for Jinx and Fink and their crew, they are party animals.  

During Spring Break there are exclusive drinks available as well.  

We had The Skull on a Beach, it was a mocktail made with ginger ale and strawberry syrup and garnished with whipped cream, cherries, and gummy worms. It was a perfect drink after raving to the Grave.


For 39.99 a night, this exclusive separate ticketed event also allows you access to some of the parks coasters in the dark. These include Wonder Woman flight of courage, Full Throttle, Goliath, Batman the Ride, Twisted Colossus, and Scream.  

Parking is free after 7:30 p.m. and one of the scream zones is open before 9 p.m., which is the posted start time. Scream Break at Six flags is available on select Friday, Saturday, and Sundays until April 16th

Photos by Solavaphotos and yournerddorkgeekgirlnextdoor.

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