Watch Party at Toei Animation Metaverse Project “ONN’ON STUDIOS


In the newly added world “Nostalgia1999” in Toei Animation’s metaverse project “ONN’ON STUDIOS”, a watch party will be held with the full cooperation of Hiromi Seki, producer of “Digimon Adventure” and “Ojamajo Doremi” series.

“Nostalgia1999” is a recreation of an otaku room filled with Sony products and anime goods of the time, based on the concept of a Japanese six-tatami-mat room in July 1999. We hope you will enjoy this nostalgic watch party event with VRChat while watching nostalgic anime in this space full of nostalgic charm.

  ■ A “Watch Party” (VRChat event) will take place!!

We are pleased to announce that Toei Animation’s new business ONN’ON STUDIOS will hold its first official “Watch Party” event on VRChat. A new world, the “Nostalgia1999,” has appeared on Toei Animation’s ONN’ON STUDIOS, the metaverse space consisting of multiple worlds. Inspired by the concept of a Japanese six-tatami room in July 1999, this new world of the messy room of an “Otaku” packed with Sony products and anime goods of that time has been created in the virtual space produced in collaboration with Sony. 

Visitors can watch animated films from the 1990s on the Sony‘s CRT-based Trinitron color television “KW-28HDF7” in the room, explore the room as an avatar, and touch and play with items on the floor. 

Watch your favorite 90s anime masterpieces in this nostalgic and immersive space and enjoy our “PARTY”.

■Hiromi Seki is joining!

This event will be delivered with full support from Hiromi Seki who was involved in the creation of the Digimon Adventure series and the Magical Doremi series. Digimon Adventure 1st and 2nd Episodes will be on the screen for the first Party of February 24 along with the special video of interview with Ms. Seki on the behind-the-scenes story of the titles.

A total of six Parties is schedule on every Friday from February 24 to March 31. In addition to the Digimon Adventure series, some episodes of the Magical Doremi series will be on the screen. The contents of interview video will change every week, so don’t miss it.

Check Twitter (@Onnon_Studios) for the detailed timetable.

Outline of the Watch Party

  • Toei Animation Watch Party – Let’s Watch 90’s anime on VRChat Together!
  • Date of First Event: 10:00 pm on Friday, 24 February 2023 PST
  • Program: Screening of Digimon Adventure 1st and 2nd Episodes
  • Host: Memory-chan (Official Character) – Voice to be provided by Sally Amaki
  • Admission: Free (VRChat account is required. Compatible both with PC and Quest)
  • Screening at: VRChat “Onnon_Nostalgia1999” (

Organized by: Toei Animation 

Profile of Sally Amaki

A member of the digital voice acting idol group 22/7 produced by Yasushi Akimoto and managed by Sony Music and ANIPLEX.

She was born in Los Angeles. As a voice actress, she voices the character of Carol Olston in the animated series “Tomo-chan Is a Girl! “ that was released in 2023 and is currently on the air.

Using her English language skills, she also serves as a host of TV programs and events on top of being a voice actress and member of an idol group.

■Profile of Hiromi Seki

Producer for the Digimon Adventure series and the Magical Doremi series.

Joined Toei Animation in 1985. Promoted to TV Planning Manager in 2008 and to Supervisor, Planning & Development, Sales Headquarter in 2012, she is now serving as a producer, IP Strategy Division, Planning Department, Sales & Planning Headquarter.

Official website:

Official Twitter: @Onnon_Studios


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