Threezero Transformers MDLX Rodimus Prime Action Figure


As leader of Autobots, Hot Rod’s Prime form arrives as the next entry of Threezero’s MDLX Transformers line-up! The Transformers MDLX Rodimus Prime Action Figure stands approximately 7-inches tall, with over 46 points of articulation, and a die-cast metal frame. Accessories include 1x laser blaster, 1x blaster rifle, and 12x interchangeable hands. The laser blaster and rifle can combine into a photon eliminator rifle. The right Rodimus Prime handshake piece is designed to pair with the included Optimus Prime handshake piece for posing the two Autobot leaders together. The Transformers MDLX Optimus Prime Action Figure is sold separately. 

The Transformers MDLX line of action figures are based on the original 1980s Transformers cartoon and toy line, as redesigned to incorporate Threezero’s hyper-detailed mechanical aesthetic, offering a familiar and exciting presentation. Rodimus Prime features unique die-cast zinc alloy and engineer-grade plastic frame system, which retains the tactile playability and durability of the figure. Taking the place of Optimus, the leader of the Autobots is finished off with the detailed craftsmanship and weathered paint application that bringing this radical Transformers hero to a format for all to enjoy.

Transformers MDLX Rodimus Prime Action Figure

Available – July 2023

Retail – $79.99

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