Flame Toys GO! Kara Kuri Combine Dino Mighty Morphin Megazord US Pre Orders Open Now


Flame Toys has entered the sacred ring of toy combat. Power Rangers, and they do not disappoint. Only a single teaser image announced by Flame Toys so that means more to come. That said what a image it is oh my. On par with the SOC Soul Of Chogokin line this will transform, combine, and have die cast metal. Just saying these three terms together about a mecha makes a Japanese holy chant true story. This massive reimagine of really brings out the mega in Megazord.

The Dino Megazord is the combination of the five Dinozords: Tyrannosaurus, Mastodon, Triceratops, Sabertooth Tiger and Pterodactyl. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers received the power of the Dinozords as part of their original powerset. Throughout their battles with Rita Repulsa, the Dinozords would be summoned to the Rangers’ side whenever she made her monsters grow, often using their combined Megazord form to destroy them.

Flame Toys presents a new series line call [Go! Kuro Kara Combine]. The 1st project is Dino Megazord !

This is Stylized Dino Megazord!

Linkage articulation and five Dinozords combination gimmicks!

Super-poseable with diecast parts for solidity and heaviness!

  • Size:
  • ~240mm
  • Materials:
  • ABS, POM, PA, Diecast
  • Packing:
  • Close box with blister, 360 x 260 x 160mm

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Available – October 2023

Retail – $449.99

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